AFPC Senior Fellow for National Security Alexander B. Gray interviewed by Voice of America China

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Alexander Gray, a senior researcher at the American Foreign Policy Council, told VOA that the Biden administration has continued the Trump administration’s China strategy, which is to view China as “we have faced since the end of the Cold War. The most significant national security threat.” Gray once held a senior position on the National Security Council of the White House during the Trump administration.

Gray believes that China's naval expansion in the Western Pacific and its nuclear modernization are the main components of this threat. "They are rapidly improving themselves as the dominant force in the Western Pacific region, and are beginning to expand their ambitions and military capabilities beyond the Western Pacific and East Asia. They are striving to become a global power."

Gray said, “After the end of the Cold War, especially after 9/11, we took it for granted that we were the strongest conventional army in the world, and we had the ability to carry out military operations almost unrestricted on a global scale, and China passed The so-called'anti-access area denial capability' challenges us."

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