AFPC’s Joshua Eisenman and Haley Grizzell write on Beijing’s discussion of the Capital Riot

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Related Expert: Haley Grizzell , Joshua Eisenman

"Nearly three months on, the echoes of Jan. 6 continue to reverberate globally. The pro- Trump insurrection at the U.S. Capitol was unquestionably a political crisis for the United States. But it was also a boon for China’s propagandists, who, with righteous indignation, decried the country’s “election chaos” and chortled gleefully at the sight of the carnage on full display. In a house editorial, the Global Times did not mince words, saying: “The chaos [was] caused by the election. The unprecedented mob in the Capitol, a symbol of the U.S. system, is the result of the U.S. society’s severe division and the country’s failure to control such division.” All of China’s major party outlets, including the People’s Daily, China Daily, and the Xinhua News Agency, echoed the same message: Democracy produces chaos".

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