Hypersonic Weapons and the Case for a Space Tracking Layer

Related Categories: Military Innovation; Missile Defense; Science and Technology; China; Russia
Related Expert: Christopher M. Stone

"The development of these new weapons systems marks a new phase in the long-running military competition between the United States and both countries, and has been the impetus for the Department of Defense (DoD) to re-assess the credibility and effectiveness of its deterrence and warfighting postures for the first time since the Cold War".

Stone's view is that there is great competition and national security need for this kind of weaponry and security to further the safety of the government and it's citizen's. 

"Without such a space tracking layer, the United States will remain vulnerable to a surprise attack by adversary hypersonic weapons, which will have the effect of holding our nuclear deterrent forces at risk, degrading the credibility of our own deterrent, and gravely harming the ability of U.S. forces to defend the homeland and mount retaliatory attacks if necessary..."

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