The Israel-Morocco Deal Is a Triumph for Trump- and Biden, Too

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Related Expert: Ilan I. Berman

"Even so, the start of official contacts between the two countries is a major development, and one that strengthens what has emerged as the signal foreign policy achievement of the outgoing Trump administration". 

Ilan I. Berman, Vice President of the AFPC, writes his view on the Israel-Morrocco deal further explaining it's relevance to the current and upcoming administration. 

"As a result, President Trump will leave office next month having done more to advance regional stability and Israeli-Islamic world relations than all of his predecessors combined. But the Israel-Morocco deal should also be seen as a boon for the incoming Biden administration, for at least two reasons".

Berman continues to explain how the deal will help aid the Middle East, and US allies like Morrocco to a political forefront of peace and security. 

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