Joe Biden’s Ceasefire Proposal: Why It Won’t Work With Hamas

June 12, 2024 Lawrence J. Haas 19fortyfive

On one hand, the proposal would not put Hamas permanently out of business, which makes it a non-starter for Israel. On the other hand, it would “not allow Hamas to re-arm,” which makes it a non-starter for a terrorist organization that – along with its state sponsor in Tehran and fellow terrorist groups in the Iranian-directed “axis of resistance” – seems emboldened by October 7.

Energy Is the Achilles’ Heel of Taiwan’s National Security

June 11, 2024 Walker Robinson Newsweek

U.S. policymakers have rightly focused on the need to turn Taiwan into a "porcupine"—that is, giving it sufficient weaponry to deter potential Chinese aggression. However, the island's current insecure energy status is a potentially fatal vulnerability as well—one that, if left unaddressed, might invite hostility from Beijing.