Missile Defense Briefing Report

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of Developments in Missile Defense

Missile Defense Briefing Report

Missile Defense Briefing Report: No. 327

August 5, 2014

Japan mulls new missile system...;

...amid continued North Korean provocations;

New cloud cover to protect against missiles;

Russia plans missile upgrades;

Poland narrows missile defense search;

New details about China's hypersonic missile  

Missile Defense Briefing Report: No. 322

February 19, 2014 Richard M. Harrison

North Korean missile threat prompts long-term Guam defense;

Amid diplomacy, growing concern over Iranian capabilities;

China strengthens space weapons with an eye toward the U.S...;

...While sending message with nuclear missile drill;

American assistance for Poland's defense;

Back to the drawing board for U.S. interceptors?