South Asia Security Monitor

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of Security in the Asia-Pacific Region

South Asia Security Monitor

South Asia Security Monitor: No. 385

February 11, 2016

Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives hold trilateral mil exercises;

Bangladesh rejects Chinese deep sea port;

Looks to India, Japan;

Japan may build aircraft plan in India;

India receives new shipment of MI-17 helicopters

South Asia Security Monitor: No. 384

February 9, 2016

Pakistan to buy Turkey's new tank;

Pakistan and Maldives to strengthen ties;

ISIS linked to Bangladeshi terrorist attacks;

Modi considering first Indian national security policy;

Indian PM meets Afghan chief exec;

Bangladesh Minister seeks stronger ties with India 

South Asia Security Monitor: No. 383

February 1, 2016

Afghan army restructured in Helmand;

Indian warships visits Sri Lanka;

First-ever Russia-Pakistan military exercises;

14 Bangladeshis detained;

Ethnic protests in Nepal continue

South Asia Security Monitor: No. 382

November 18, 2015

Kabul to buy Helos from Delhi, despite Pak concerns;

China's top brass to tour Pakistan and India;

Islamic State joins Taliban splinter group in Afghanistan;

India calls for South China Sea code of conduct