Hypersonic Weapons

May 17, 2019 Margot van Loon, Larry M. Wortzel, Mark B. Schneider

Hypersonic weapons are coming online just as the United States shifts its focus back to great power competition as its most pressing national security threat.

China’s hypersonic weapons leave US defenseless, for now

May 1, 2019 James Clad, Larry M. Wortzel The Hill

Earlier this spring, an invitation-only briefing on Capitol Hill gave congressional attendees a disturbing glimpse into a high-tech research race that is spawning dangerous new weapons, delivery systems, and supporting technologies. It is a contest where China is forging ahead, shrugging off suggestions of restraint.

The North Korean Threat Revisited

November 30, 2018 Larry M. Wortzel, Stephen Blank, James Clad Issue 22

How to Think About Denuclearizing North Korea

Understanding North Korea’s Internal Strategy

China’s Role in the North Korea Crisis

On the Outside Looking in: Russia and the Korean Peace Process

An Asian Preference for the Status Quo