State of Islamism 2021 | Issue 1 | Jordan

Related Categories: Islamic Extremism; Middle East

Located at the center of an already-volatile region that has experienced a surge of Islamist activity in recent years, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has faced growing internal instability and a mounting challenge from extremist actors. The country’s high unemployment and public debt, endemic corruption and social inequality have all contributed to the creation of a fertile breeding ground in which Islamist groups and extremist ideas have taken root. The Kingdom’s large Palestinian population, which accounts for roughly 70 percent of its 10.6 million total, has proven prone to radicalization, as well as supportive of extremist activities against Israel in support of a Palestinian state. The influx of refugees from the now-decade-old Syrian civil war and the enduring influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, meanwhile, have exacerbated challenges to the country’s stability and cohesion...

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