Strategic Primer - Nuclear Weapons Modernization

Related Categories: Arms Control and Proliferation; Military Innovation; Science and Technology; Warfare; China; Iran; North America; North Korea; Russia

The American Foreign Policy Council (AFPC) is dedicated to advancing the prosperity and security of the United States. AFPC’s Defense Technology Program launched the Strategic Primer initiative to educate Congressional staffers and the general public on technologies that affect U.S. national security. The Primers depict balanced representations of the potential benefits and limitations of a particular technology, its history and uses, and potential threats posed by adversarial use of the technology.  

This work seeks to provide insights into the role U.S. nuclear weapons play in advancing America’s security, and the rationale for modernizing U.S. nuclear weapons and their delivery platforms. The Primer provides a succinct and informative background on U.S. nuclear policy and strategy, current nuclear capabilities of the United States and its potential adversaries, plans and rationale for modernizing U.S. nuclear capabilities, and policy recommendations.

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