CACI Forum: Confronting Global Challenges in the CAMCA Region

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; Warfare; CAMCA; Afghanistan; Caucasus; Central Asia
Related Expert: S. Frederick Starr

CAMCA (Central Asia, Mongolia, the Caucasus and Afghanistan) is a vulnerable region grappling with a range of issues including low connectivity, economic dependency, food security, poor governance, corruption, and terrorism - all exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Not fully recovered from the pandemic's negative impacts, the war in Ukraine poses a new set of political and economic challenges. In addition, the reemergence of the Taliban and terrorist syndicate in Afghanistan has created a new phase of security challenges for the entire region. In this joint forum, the spring 2022 CACMA Rumsfeld Fellows examined the challenges posed to the CAMCA region by the pandemic, Taliban, and Ukrainian conflict, and suggest possible solutions.

Moderator: Dr. S. Frederick Starr – Chairman, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute at American Foreign Policy Council

Co-organized by: Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, The Rumsfeld Foundation and the CAMCA Network

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