CACI Forum: Status Update on Uzbek Reforms

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; International Economics and Trade; CAMCA; Central Asia
Related Expert: S. Frederick Starr

After four years of transition of power in Uzbekistan, country emerged as one of the most reform-oriented countries in the world. Among its priorities are reform in governance, the economy, and regional collaboration.  Expectations are high both in Uzbekistan, and among  international donor institutions and investors, that Uzbekistan will transform itself and its economy in a reasonable timeframe. Is Uzbekistan on the right track on reforms in governance? Is the pace of transition from  strictly controlled economy with very complicated and unfriendly business environment into more efficient economic system fast enough? How has Covid-19 affected the reform process? 

The forum discussed these and other important questions.


Ron van Rooden, Chief of Mission for Uzbekistan, IMF

Aziza Umarova, CEO, SmartGov Consulting

Alexander Gordin, Managing Director, Broad Street Capital Group

Moderated by: S. Frederick Starr, Chairman, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute


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