CACI Roundtable:“Secular Governance in Central Asia: the Case of Kazakhstan”

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; Central Asia; Caucasus
Related Expert: Svante E. Cornell

On December 12, the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute (CACI) hosted a roundtable discussion, "Secular Governance in Central Asia: the Case of Kazakhstan," led by CACI Director and AFPC Senior Fellow for Eurasia Svante Cornell. The roundtable focused on Kazakhstan’s unique form of secular governance among its Central Asian counterparts. The discussion focused on balancing the state’s goal of religious freedom with the need to shield the state from religious influence, looking at the implications for the broader Muslim world and Western policies.

This event followed the release of a new paper in the Silk Road Papers series titled "Kazakhstan in Europe, Why Not?" by Cornell and Johan Engvall.

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