e-CAMCA Week Panel: “CAMCA Network Report on Intraregional Trade: Growth Potential?”

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; Energy Security; International Economics and Trade; CAMCA; Central Asia; Caucasus; Afghanistan
Related Expert: David Soumbadze, S. Frederick Starr

e-CAMCA Week 2020 Panel Session featuring: Moderator: Dr. S. Frederick Starr, Chairman, Central Asia-Caucasus Institute

CAMCA Network Member Panelists: 

Zabihullah Ziarmal (Afghanistan), Founder & President of the World Trade Centre in Afghanistan and the First Vice Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce in Afghanistan -

Nona Mamulashvili (Georgia), Founder and Chairwoman of the Caucasus Economic Policy Institute & Vice President at the International Chamber of Commerce of Georgia -

Shuhrat Mirzoev (Tajikistan), Founder and Managing Partner of IRSHAD Consulting LLC

Sardor Mukhamedaliev (Uzbekistan), Chief Government Relations Officer, VEON Uzbekistan


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