PODCAST -  AFPC INSIGHTS Episode 3 - How China is harnessing the COVID-19 pandemic

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues; Public Diplomacy and Information Operations; Global Health; China; Africa
Related Expert: Joshua Eisenman, Annie Swingen

In this episode, AFPC Senior Fellow for China Studies and University of Notre Dame Associate Professor of Global Affairs Dr. Joshua Eisenman addresses "How China is harnessing the COVID-19 pandemic." 

Topics include:  Beijing's efforts to purchase foreign companies; China’s “Health silk road” concept; Military moves in the South China Sea; and, Debt flexibility along the Belt and Road (BRI).

Additional reading: 

Beijing Is Pushing the Taiwanese Toward Independence Hard and Fast (5/18/20 ), Joshua Eisenman, Foreign Policy 

How Trump’s Constant Attacks on China over Coronavirus Won't Help (5/15/20), Joshua Eisenman & Devin Stewart, The National Interest 

American Foreign Policy Council's China Reform Monitor, editor: Joshua Eisenman

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