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The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of P.R.C. Goverment Actions and U.S. Policy

China Reform Monitor

China Reform Monitor 1359

February 7, 2019 Joshua Eisenman

Huawei tech removed from UK systems;
British officials worried over Huawei penetration;
Huawei snips a loose end;
China offered cover to disgraced Malay PM;
Fresh signs of economic weakness

China Reform Monitor 1358

January 22, 2019 Joshua Eisenman

New naval tensions in the South China Sea;
Militarizing the border with India;
In Hong Kong, criminalizing disrespect of China's anthem;
Xi's plan for Taipei...;
...gets a chilly reception on the island

China Reform Monitor 1357

January 11, 2019 Joshua Eisenman

New U.S. law seeks to secure access to Tibet;
U.S. brings new charges against Chinese hackers...; "five eyes" accuse Beijing of state-sponsored hacking;
China's Xinjiang policy draws ire in Indonesia;
A changing of the guard at the State Council

China Reform Monitor 1356

January 10, 2019 Joshua Eisenman

An impatient Beijing eyes east China sea energy;
The downside of China's "nationalist bubble"
Penalizing China's veterans;
China moves against $15 billion "pyramid scheme";
Beijing profits from detainee labor

China Reform Monitor No. 1355

January 3, 2019 Joshua Eisenman

Xinjiang spending on security rises exponentially;
A Cambodian crackdown on Chinese fraud;
China's Orwellian social credit system begins to bite;
Chinese scientists reveals "gene-edited babies";
Gunmen attack Chinese consulate in Karachi