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The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of P.R.C. Government Actions and U.S. Policy

China Reform Monitor

China Reform Monitor No. 1434

September 23, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

New CPC guidelines expand Party control over private firms; 
"Dual circulation" policy to be enshrined in 14th five-year plan;
Global Times: PLA seeking "a political reason" to attack Taiwan;
China picks up asylum seekers fleeing Hong Kong for Taiwan
Disney's new "Mulan" faces boycott

China Reform Monitor No. 1433

September 17, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

China's semiconductor trade booms...; Beijing looks to dominate production;
Australian journalists flee China;
China's bullying "won't to be tolerated" – Canberra;
Disney's Mulan filmed in Xinjiang amid Uighur genocide

China Reform Monitor No. 1432

September 14, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

China ends Mongolian language education;
Signs suggest Xi plans to "reign for the ultra-long term";
$50 billion in cryptocurrency moves out of China in past year;
China, Switzerland explore renewal of "secret" extradition deal;
China launches new advanced warship for Pakistan Navy

China Reform Monitor No. 1431

September 1, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

China's hackers pillage Taiwan's semiconductor industry;
China's hackers steal data from ten Taiwanese agencies;
Taipei announces ban on China's streaming services;
Scores of Chinese fishing vessels near Galapagos Islands - Ecuador;
Saudi Aramco suspends $10 billion refinery joint venture with China

China Reform Monitor No. 1430

August 25, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

Top U.S. health official holds meeting with Taiwanese President;
New museum exhibit promotes "heroic" battle against COVID-19;
HK textbooks revised to "correct political misconceptions";
Seven countries suspend extradition treaties with Hong Kong:
After Cai Xia defection, Beijing launches campaign