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The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of P.R.C. Government Actions and U.S. Policy

China Policy Monitor

China Policy Monitor No. 1594

May 9, 2024 Joshua Eisenman

U.S. sanctions Chinese companies for supplying Russia’s military;
China’s wealthy are movin' out;
China subsidizes fentanyl sales to the U.S.;
China stops providing real-time data on stock trades;
Forty percent of Americans see China as an enemy: pew

China Policy Monitor No. 1592

April 26, 2024 Joshua Eisenman

Xi meets with former Taiwanese President; 
China scrambles fighter jets to shadow U.S. Navy plane; 
Manila: China recruiting members of the Philippine military for espionage; 
PRC spies target Dutch industries: Amsterdam; 
China establishes information warfare unit

China Policy Monitor No. 1591

April 23, 2024 Joshua Eisenman

After three years U.S., China military talks resume in Hawaii; 
Security lapses led to deadly suicide attack on Chinese engineers in Pakistan; 
China's banks reject payments from Russian electronics importers; 
China is "flooding the UK with fake Royal Mail stamps": Royal Mail; 
U.S. and China hold talks to deport more Chinese nationals

China Policy Monitor No. 1590

April 9, 2024 Joshua Eisenman

China's coast guard increases its presence around Kinmen; 
Taiwan respectfully declines China's earthquake aid; 
China quietly pushes into Russia's far east; 
Russia uses more Chinese yuan; 
Kenya considers curbing TikTok

China Policy Monitor No. 1589

April 1, 2024 Joshua Eisenman

Xi: China's officials unprepared for "great struggle"; 
Seven Chinese hackers indicted for targeting U.S. officials, companies; 
China's cyberattacks on UK, NZ parliamentarians; 
Five Chinese and 1 Pakistani killed in suicide bombing; 
Foreign consulting firms a "cover" to steal state secrets, ministry says