China Policy Monitor

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of P.R.C. Government Actions and U.S. Policy

China Policy Monitor

China Policy Monitor No. 1566

September 19, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

China behind the largest covert propaganda operation ever;
Chinese engineers targeted by Baloch militants in Pakistan; 
Russia responds to China's controversial new map; 
Professor jailed for measuring party personnel costs 

China Policy Monitor No. 1565

September 11, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

China Hacks the UK Foreign Office; 
Beijing Blocks Intel Acquisition of Israel's Tower Semiconductor; 
China's Fertility Rate Drops to Record Low; 
Cyberattacks on Japan Prompt U.S. Rebuke; 
Cracking Down on Healthcare Corruption 

China Policy Monitor No. 1564

September 4, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

Beijing Dispatches Finance Experts to Tackle Provincial Debts;
Market Failure in China's Universities;
Pla Scientists Make Laser Breakthrough;
China Seen Largely Negatively in 24-Country Survey;
Taiwan Vice President Defiant During U.S. Stopover 

China Policy Monitor No. 1562

August 22, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

China replaces leaders of elite nuclear force;
Hong Kong removes requirement to flag China risk;
China restricts some drone exports to Russia; 
Pro-China influence campaign infiltrates U.S. News; 
China criticizes Russia's treatment of Chinese at border