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The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of P.R.C. Government Actions and U.S. Policy

China Reform Monitor

China Reform Monitor No. 1411

March 25, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

U.S. warships visit VIetnam to commemorate anniversary;
The KMT drops the "1992 consensus";
Crackdown intensified on critics of Xi's virus response;
Coronavirus lockdown curbs pollution, saves more than 50,000 lives;
Ten speed boats attack Taiwan Coast Guard

China Reform Monitor No. 1410

March 23, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

China-Sweden relations take a nosedive;
China's Ambassador rails against Norway's Fokus 2020;
PRC asylum applications to Germany double in a year;
U.S.-backed candidate for UN top IPR post beats out PRC candidate;
China is converting internet domains into "content farms"

China Reform Monitor No. 1409

March 17, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

Led by Huawei, China's firms are expanding into Russian AI;
Hackers add Taiwan to World Health Organization website;
Huawei to build 5G factory in France;
Myanmar's Kachin State approves China-backed business park;
Reddit CEO calls Chinese app TikTok "parasitic" spyware

China Reform Monitor No. 1408

March 10, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

Russian experts oppose sharing AI innovations with China;
Local officials "resorting to extreme administrative measures";
Australia's spy chief warns of "unprecedented foreign threat";
Lack of free speech spread COVID-19 -- Peking University professor;
Tech giants continue moving production out of China

China Reform Monitor No. 1407

February 26, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

U.S. designates China's official media outlets as state agents;
Norway: China has acquired our space technology;
Germany stops short of Huawei 5G ban;
Aussies rip UK counterparts for giving Huawei access to "Five-Eyes";
China keeps Kenya, Djibouti guessing on Security Council seat