China Reform Monitor

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of P.R.C. Government Actions and U.S. Policy

China Reform Monitor

China Reform Monitor No. 1543

March 29, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

U.S. will send Taiwan $619 million in arms amid PLA pressure;
China building scores of coal power plants;
China launches satellites to compete with Starlink;
Local debt rings alarms;
Younger Chinese struggle to find employment

China Reform Monitor No. 1542

March 13, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

State firms instructed to phase out "Big Four" auditors;
Beijing bans ChatGPT;
Canada stops funding research links with PLA-linked institutions;
China targets Starlink;
Missing Chinese banker was moving wealth to Singapore

China Reform Monitor No. 1541

March 6, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

CPC seeks to "enhance" ties with Taiwan's KMT;
Hong Kong starts its largest national security trial ever;
Australian defense department removes Chinese-made cameras;
China confirms another of its balloons is over Latin America;
China has "penetrated" un agencies by financing and stacking them

China Reform Monitor No. 1540

March 6, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

China "intentionally poisoning" Americans with fentanyl;
China expanding its espionage in Germany: Berlin;
China's elderly protest against health insurance reforms;
BBC produces ads for China's propaganda organs;
Chinese ship flashed Philippine vessel with military-grade laser

China Reform Monitor No. 1539

February 16, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

As debts soar Chinese cities cut pay and services;
Now Czech parliament speaker announces Taiwan visit;
Sichuan allows unmarried people to register children;
China is building ground stations on Antarctica;
U.S. air force general predicts war with China in 2025