Space Strategy - Episode 15: Bill Bruner: Our Hypersonic Future

Related Categories: Military Innovation; Science and Technology; SPACE; NASA; China
Related Expert: Peter Garretson

In this episode, Senior Fellow in Defense Studies Peter Garretson interviews Bill Bruner, CEO and co-founder of New Frontier Frontier Aerospace.  They discuss New Frontier Aerospace's vision of a reusable rocket-based mach-8 hypersonic suborbital cargo system. The discussion covers the Space Force doctrine, X-15, DC-X, seams in air and space power projection, Space Tourism's recent successes with Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin, equity concerns with billionaire rocket programs and their answer, Space Force's Rocket Cargo program, China's hypersonic program, the movement and settlement of space, commercial roles, the drive of commercial space to make humanity multiplanetary, advanced space propulsion, and next steps for U.S. space policy.

Bill Bruner:

New Frontier Aerospace

National Security Implications of Inexpensive Space Access

FAST Space Study

Rocket Cargo:

Chinese Hypersonics (airbreathing):

Al Globus' High Frontier: An Easier Way

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Dusty Plasma Fission Fragment Rocket Engine: