Space Strategy - Episode 20: Col Eric Felt, USSF: The Space Force’s Lab, Strategy & Technology and “the opportunity to shape the opportunity”

Related Categories: Military Innovation; Science and Technology; Warfare; SPACE; NASA
Related Expert: Peter Garretson

In this episode, Senior Fellow in Defense Studies Peter Garretson interviews Col. Eric Felt, Director of Air Force Research Lab Space Vehicles Directorate--The Space Force's Lab. Col. felt provides an overview of the role of the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), Space Vehicles, its size, budget, and relation to the Space Force. They discuss how AFRL cooperates with funding agencies and partner agencies (SDA, Space RCO, AF RCO, SSC, DARPA, DIU) as well as with the commercial sector. Next, they dive into AFRL's past successes such as DSX, Eagle/Mycroft and their impact on deterrence, as well as current experiments such as NTS-3, SPIDER, and CHPS. Then the focus shifts to a discussion on how the Space Force is considering an exciting future of Cislunar commerce, the possibility of space mining, power beaming, settlements and on-orbit servicing, assembly and maintenance (OSAM), and future roles and missions including the defense of commerce, planetary defense, search and rescue which might arise. They provide a definition for the meaning of "warfighting" and how it forms a lens for investment to ensure deterrence. Finally the close with a discussion on the working culture of both Space Force and AFRL, and the "opportunity to shape the opportunity."

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