Space Strategy - Episode 21: Dr. Scott Pace: America’s Space Agenda - Seeking to Expand our Civilization and Ensure Space will be a Home of Free People

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; Military Innovation; Public Diplomacy and Information Operations; Science and Technology; Resource Security; SPACE; NASA; China
Related Expert: Peter Garretson

In this episode, Senior Fellow in Defense Studies Peter Garretson interviews Dr. Scott Pace, Director of the Space Policy Institute at the George Washington University's Elliott School of International Affairs and former Deputy Assistant to the President and Executive Secretary of the National Space Council from 2017-2020. They discuss the criticality of broad and bipartisan consensus to sustainable space exploration and development. Next, follows a discussion on exploration policy, space as a warfighting domain, China, spacepower theory (Dolman’s Astropolitics vs Bowen’s Continental Seapower), arms control, the record of the National Space Council’s space policy directives, their rational and significance. The speakers cover the possible futures in space depending on whether we can live off the land and pay our own way leading to different analogies: settlements, ‘Everest’, ‘McMurdo’, and deep sea drilling platforms. They provide details about space property rights, development and industrialization, asteroid defense and how it is getting worked into the missions of the agencies such as NASA and DoD. Finally, they discuss opportunities available to the new administration and space council and define a space agenda worthy of our nation and its values.

Dr. Pace:

GWU Space Policy Institute

Report on National Space Council Activities

National Space Policy

A New Vision for Deep Space Exploration and Development

National Near Earth Object Strategy and Action Plan

Spacepower Doctrine

Artemis Accords

Collected Space Space Policy Directives

SPD-1 Return to the Moon

SPD-2 Streamlining Regulations

SPD-3 Space Traffic Management

SPD-4 US Space Force

SPD-5 Cybersecurity for Space Systems

SPD-6 Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion

SPD-7 PNT Policy

Executive Order Restablishing Space Council (and broadening membership)

Executive Order on Space Resources

Launch of Nuclear Systems


Wolf Amendment

EMP Resilience