AFPC Senior Fellow for National Security Alexander B. Gray quoted in the The Epoch Times

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Alex Gray, a senior fellow at the American Foreign Policy Council and former chief of staff of the National Security Council (2019–21), wrote in an email: “China has used the WTO the same way it has used other international organizations and the international rules of the road more broadly: it has subverted the stated purpose of these organizations from within.”

“While a member in good standing of the WTO, China was simultaneously perpetrating trillions of dollars in intellectual property theft, flouting global trade rules, and hollowing out the industrial bases of other WTO members, including the United States.

“A bipartisan consensus has formed in the U.S. that allowing China into the WTO was one of the greatest foreign policy failures of recent decades, and countering China’s persistent economic aggression is an economic and national security imperative.”

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