The True Obstacles to a Palestinian State

April 2, 2024 Ilan I. Berman Newsweek

Cumulatively, these factors will help determine what lies ahead for the Palestinians. But if Team Biden ignores them in favor of quick fixes, or worse still, empty pandering to its constituents, it will only end up perpetuating their misery.

Russia’s Islamist Terror Threat Reemerges

March 31, 2024 Ilan I. Berman The Jerusalem Strategic Tribune

The March 22 attack in Moscow may be a potential portent of things to come. Russia’s Mideast policy has given foreign Islamist militants several excuses for conducting murderous attacks, and Russia’s Muslim minority groups are feeling alienated from, and sometimes hostile to, the prevailing political order. 

Israeli-Palestinian Peace Must Reflect Reality

March 22, 2024 Lawrence J. Haas 19fortyfive

Rather than part company with reality, U.S. officials and opinion leaders should embrace it. Long-term Israeli-Palestinian peace requires, among other things, a destroyed Hamas, an overhauled Palestinian Authority, and a spirit of co-existence that’s nurtured among the Palestinian people.