Africa Political Monitor

AFPC’s review of politics in both North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa Political Monitor

Africa Political Monitor No. 28

September 5, 2023 Diboura Tamirat, Jordan Savage

Niger Coup: Europeans look for an exit; 
...As Washington mulls pulling up stakes...
...While ECOWAS threatens consequences...
...And the African Union suspends Niamey; 
The AU leaves Somalia, creating security challenges; 
Uganda's troubling trajectory; 
A way out of Kenya's unrest 

Africa Political Monitor No. 27

August 22, 2023 Jordan Savage

The ripple effects of Sudan's unrest;
Moscow poised to reopen embassy in Tripoli;
UN to end peacekeeping mission in Mali;
Al-Shabaab complicates the Kenyan-Somali border;
Cairo plays host to Sudan peace talks;
ECOWAS takes a stand