Africa Political Monitor

AFPC’s review of politics in both North and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Africa Political Monitor

Africa Political Monitor No. 13

April 19, 2021 Dan Harker, Jacob McCarty

Baku's African arms trade;
Egypt moves forward with rail link to Sudan...;
...while signing an intelligence-sharing deal with Uganda;
Some clarity on Tigray;
A furor over French counterterrorism

Africa Political Monitor No. 11

February 10, 2021 Jacob McCarty, Dan Harker

Swiss unfreeze Tunisian ex-president's assets;
Vaccine diplomacy at play on the Continent;
China gains access to more Congolese cobalt;
Sudan and South Sudan to increase oil production...;
...while tensions with Ethiopia escalate

Africa Political Monitor No. 10

January 4, 2021 Jacob McCarty

Uganda's electricity, South Sudan's benefit;
Beijing eyes Congo's mineral wealth;
Eritrea reportedly joins Ethiopian conflict...; border friction with Sudan flares anew;
Russia and Rwanda send troops to the Central African Republic;
Turkey moves ahead with drone sales to Tunisia

Africa Political Monitor No. 9

November 19, 2020 Jacob McCarty

A budding Ethiopian refugee crisis;
Alleviating Morocco's water woes;
Russian ships in Sudanese waters;
China eyes the Congo's cobalt;
Seychelles election impedes Indian naval ambitions;
Niger: Next to normalize?