Eurasia Security Watch

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of Security in the Post-Soviet Space

Eurasia Security Watch

Eurasia Security Watch: No. 350

October 27, 2015

Sundanese ground troops boost Saudi-led coalition;

Assad forces begin advance on Aleppo;

UAE may seek to enrich Uranium;

Turkey shoots down drone near border;

Yemen to attend UN-sponsored talks with the Houthis

Eurasia Security Watch: No. 349

October 20, 2015

Explosions in Turkey kill 95;

Security Council extends UN mission in South Sudan;

Egypt signs deals for French warships;

Russia and Saudia Arabia reach an accord on Syria;

Evidence of Russian cluster-bomb use in Syria

Eurasia Security Watch: No. 348

October 19, 2015

South Sudan rebels reject creation of 28 new states;

ISIS militants attack main Libyan oil port;

ISIS executes 70 Sunni tribesmen;

Egypt supports Russian military moves in Syria;

Military situation in Syria continues to escalate

Eurasia Security Watch: No. 347

September 16, 2015

Egyptian military kills tourists in militant territory;

Libyan rival governments reach "


Iraq tells Turkey to coordinate attacks on PKK;

Al Qaeda leader issues statements on ISIS;

South Sudan denies attacking rebels

Eurasia Security Watch: No. 346

September 8, 2015

Saudi-coalition deploys 10,000 more soldiers;

Egypt launches operation against ISSI in Sinai;

Russia builds military base in Syria;

Greece seizes shipment of arms bound for Libya;

Turkish ground troops in Iraq