Eurasia Security Watch

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of Security in the Post-Soviet Space

Eurasia Security Watch

Eurasia Security Watch: No. 354

December 8, 2015

Turkey troops to Baghdad after protests;

Yemen factions agree to peace talks;

Governor killed;

U.S. intel reports ISIS not contained;

Saudi Arabia to host Syrian opposition talks;

Libyan Parliaments reach tentative agreement

Eurasia Security Watch: No. 353

December 2, 2015

Turkey: No apology for downed Russian plane;

EU and Turkey come to migrant agreement;

IAF attacks Syrian army, Hezbollah;

Four Egyptian police killed in ISIS attack;

U.S. Senators call for 20,000 troops in Iraq and Syria

Eurasia Security Watch: No. 351

October 29, 2015

U.S. raid frees 70 ISIS prisoners;

FSA rebels reject Russian support;

Turkish clash with ISIS leaves police and suspects dead;

South Sudan makes progress toward peace;

U.S. approves $11B warship sale to Saudi