Russia Reform Monitor

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of Russian Goverment Actions and U.S. Policy

Russia Reform Monitor

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2502

December 31, 2021 Ilan I. Berman, Kate Flaherty

Russia dangles missile threat over NATO;
Moscow shuts down UN's climate change resolution;
Russian diplomatic drug ring convicted;
Russia's warming Arctic;
Record European gas prices reflect Ukraine invasion fears;
War jitters spur mobilization in Kyiv

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2501

December 24, 2021 Ilan I. Berman, Kate Flaherty

Additional Russian diplomats expelled from U.S.;
Mandatory QR codes incite protests and opposition;
Kremlin crackdown creates "campaign of fear" for comedians;
Putin hails India as a "Great Power"

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2500

December 20, 2021 Ilan I. Berman, Kate Flaherty

Potential oil surplus emboldens Russia and OPEC+;
Another activist makes the government's blacklist;
Nobel Peace Prize laureate fined;
New Chechen legislation seeks to change media language;
Climate change will severely impact St. Petersburg

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2499

December 6, 2021 Ilan I. Berman, Kate Flaherty

Russian plans to shut down NGO roil Berlin;
Citizen apathy aids "foreign agent" policies;
A Russian show of force in support of Belarus;
India risks U.S. sanctions for Russian defenses;
Putin talks Belarus migrant crisis;
Ukraine crisis highlights U.S. intelligence shortfalls

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2498

November 29, 2021 Ilan I. Berman, Kate Flaherty

Gazprom to Europe's rescue;
Navalny ally behind bars;
Prosecutors dismiss case against torture whistleblower;
U.S.-Ukrainian ties strengthen over Russian military concerns;
A new Russian missile system on the way?;
France frets over Wagner's potential deal in Mali