China Reform Monitor No. 1502

April 18, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

Researchers find "smoking gun" on China's organ harvesting;
Chinese Army makes incursion bids in Ladakh;
China refuses to guarantee Ukraine's security;
China's state-owned companies avoid new oil deals with Russia;
Indonesians see the U.S. more favorably than China

China Reform Monitor No. 1501

April 8, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

Chinese, Russian militaries are not "interoperable";
China and Russia deploy hypersonic missiles, while U.S. lags behind;
China has created a satellite-killing weapon;
China establishes deep space exploration laboratory;
China doubles down on biolab disinformation

China Reform Monitor No. 1500

March 31, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

​China accuses U.S. of building a NATO in the Pacific;
Pentagon Attack on Taiwan would produce "robust" response;
Taliban and Chinese mining firm restart copper mining talks;
Taiwan wants to join the CPTPP and Quad;
China, Solomon Islands sign security cooperation memo

China Reform Monitor No. 1499

March 29, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

PRC hackers infiltrate a half-dozen U.S. state networks;
China expands censorship to thwart "foreign forces";
China video game freeze threatens the industry;
Tencent joins Alibaba in declaring support for tech crackdown;
Marriages hit 36-year low

China Reform Monitor No. 1498

March 11, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

China asked Russia to delay Ukraine war until after Olympics;
China evacuates thousands from Ukraine;
Russian firms rush to open RMB accounts at Chinese banks;
Anti-Russian war voices grow louder in China;
China expands localities for digital currency trials