China Reform Monitor No. 1462

May 11, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

China's Central Bank calls to scrap childbirth limits;
Hong Kong marks first National Security Education Day;
China curbs residency restrictions for migrants;
U.S. sanctions PLA supercomputer makers;
Egypt to produce 40-60 million doses of Chinese vaccine

Countering China’s Global Great Game

April 30, 2021 Michael Sobolik The National Interest

Washington’s instinctual response to compete with the Belt and Road Initiative dollar-for-dollar is a losing proposition that plays into China’s long game. But with an offensive framework, American policymakers could turn the tables and transform the BRI into an albatross for the Communist Party.

China Reform Monitor No. 1461

April 20, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

China's incursions near Taiwan seen as "intimidation and coercion";
Biden and Suga stand together;
U.S., China agree to climate cooperation;
China fines Alibaba record $2.75 billion;
Beijing cracks down on tech sector, forces Ma to divest