Russia Reform Monitor No. 2495

November 15, 2021 Ilan I. Berman, Kate Flaherty

The curious case of Kirill Zhalo;
Moscow businesses struggle with lockdown closures;
Russia says U.S. presence in Black Sea provocative;
Russia plows ahead with submarine modernization;
"Non-working days" extended in five Russian regions;
Polish PM accuses Putin of masterminding migrant crisis

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2496

November 5, 2021 Ilan I. Berman, Kate Flaherty

Russia's "non-working week" begins with grim markers;
Natural gas reversal a signal to Europe;
Russia comes to the climate change table:
Russia focuses on nuclear, missile modernization;
The tense Russian-Ukrainian border;
Bringing North Korea in from the cold

Egypt’s Biggest Worry Is Its Population

October 27, 2021 Ilan I. Berman Al-Hurra Digital

Today, the Egyptian state faces no shortage of strategic threats, ranging from instability emanating from the ongoing crisis next door in Libya to an escalating conflict with nearby Ethiopia over access to the Nile. Yet its biggest long-term challenge is a distinctly domestic one: the quickening pace of its own population.

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2494

October 25, 2021 Ilan I. Berman, Kate Flaherty

After September's vote, fissures in the Russian opposition;
Russia freezes diplomatic ties to NATO;
Moscow heads toward partial lockdown;
The Kremlin holds Afghan stability talks;
Communist Party's first electoral lawsuit shot down;
Russia fears a strong Ukraine