Global Islamism Monitor No. 91

July 19, 2021 Tori Vestal, Ilan I. Berman

Another step forward for Saudi reforms;
The Taliban maps out its agenda...;
...Afghan forces brace for the inevitable;
The brotherhood in Cairo's crosshairs;
America urges Europe to act on foreign fighters

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2475

July 16, 2021 Matt Maldonado, Ilan I. Berman, Timothy Blinnikov

The Taliban takes pains to reassure Russia;
Biden demands Russia crack down on cybercrime...again;
Nord Stream II set for completion next month;
Putin's vision for unity with Ukraine;
Russian COVID deaths continue to surge;
Extra coaching for Tokyo

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2474

July 14, 2021 Matt Maldonado, Ilan I. Berman, Timothy Blinnikov

Price hikes and possible shortages ahead;
Exploiting Crimea's cultural heritage;
Bard College branded "undesirable";
Russian hackers continue to test the U.S.
Russia supports ASEAN on Myanmar;
Tajikistan looks to Russia to secure border with Afghanistan