China Policy Monitor No. 1585

February 21, 2024 Joshua Eisenman

China's population will fall to 525 million by 2100; 
Thousands of Chinese migrants cross from Mexico into the U.S.; 
Qin Gang's lover was a British spy; Meta takes down more fake accounts based in China; 
Chinese scammers steal facial recognition data, access bank accounts

China Policy Monitor No. 1584

February 15, 2024 Joshua Eisenman

Netherlands discovers malware, accuses China of spying; 
Beijing warns Chinese students to avoid foreign spies; 
China's fake news websites push propaganda in 30 countries; 
Chinese-born Australian commentator sentenced to death; 
After Messi misses HK match, China's football assn cuts ties with Argentina

China Policy Monitor No. 1583

February 12, 2024 Joshua Eisenman

U.S. disables PRC cyber threat; 
Xi promised Biden China wouldn’t interfere in the 2024 election; 
New PRC defense minister holds first talks with Russian counterpart; 
The number of Chinese students falls as scrutiny rises; 
China hacks Japan's diplomatic communications

China Policy Monitor No. 1582

January 17, 2024 Joshua Eisenman

CPC seeks to tighten "party discipline"; 
Xi wages an ideological struggle; 
China spent $5.5m at Trump properties while he was President; 
Less Taiwan investment for China, more for the U.S. and Germany; 
Taiwan's exports to China hit 21-year low