China Reform Monitor No. 1491

January 24, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

PRC population growth rate continues to plummet;
Xi Jinping calls for more regulation on digital economy;
China launches yet another center on Xi Jinping thought;
By 2025, China will expand high-speed railway by more than 30%;
Taliban requests China's official recognition

China Reform Monitor No. 1490

January 19, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

Police jail dozens for complaining about Xi'an lockdown online;
Canada's spy agency warns: beware China's influence ops;
Britain's spy service puts parliament on alert about PRC agent;
China begins nationwide digital currency rollout;
Xinjiang commander to lead PLA in Hong Kong

China Reform Monitor No. 1489

January 10, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

Amazon spreads CPC propaganda to gain access in China;
China's economic growth slows sharply - World Bank;
China fines top influencer, tells celebs to self-report;
German Navy chief says Chinese buildup a concern;
Japan's ex-PM Abe warns China: Military "adventure" could be "suicidal"

China Reform Monitor No. 1488

December 23, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

Commerce and Treasury blacklist more Chinese entities;
Huawei docs provide direct link to China's surveillance programs;
Washington builds new software tool to game Beijing;
Uyghur forced labor bill receives overwhelming bipartisan support'
Outspoken editor of top CPC tabloid retires

China Reform Monitor No. 1487

December 20, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

U.S. leads diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympic games;
China's hackers target Asian governments and military offices;
Nicaragua breaks ties with Taipei, recognizes Beijing;
UK spy chief concerned about China's digital renminbi;
China forces Pakistan to pull out of Biden's Democracy Summit