China Reform Monitor No. 1444

November 27, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

China's bill of particulars against Australia;
China's COVID-19 food tests irritate trade partners;
Malicious tip-offs stifled academic freedom;
State Council probes rating agencies, banks and firms;
Taiwan to build submarines

China Reform Monitor No. 1442

November 24, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

Hong Kong's pro-democracy lawmakers resign en masse;
PRC should publicize its "human rights stories": CPCC chair;
Pompeo: "Taiwan has not been a part of China";
Xi halts Ant's financial $37 billion IPO;
GUO calls for safeguarding regime "safety"

Africa Political Monitor No. 9

November 19, 2020 Jacob McCarty

A budding Ethiopian refugee crisis;
Alleviating Morocco's water woes;
Russian ships in Sudanese waters;
China eyes the Congo's cobalt;
Seychelles election impedes Indian naval ambitions;
Niger: Next to normalize?

China Reform Monitor No. 1441

November 6, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

German leaders calls for a Western united front against China;
German ex-spy chief: Europe must wake up to China's world domination;
China compels hundreds of thousands to take experimental vaccine;
Eight charged as part of China's "Operation Fox Hunt";
U.S. sells arms to Taiwan, so China sanctions defense firms