Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 4

January 17, 2020 Michael Sobolik

China disrupts Mekong flow to force concessions;
Mongolia reaps the benefits the Xinjiang instability;
Cambodia's child labor problem;
Beijing's Hong Kong crackdown boomerangs in Taiwan;
North Korea's Kim threatens renewed missile tests

China Reform Monitor No. 1401

January 9, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

China completes artificial island off Sri Lanka;
Laos seeks Chinese investment and tourists amid flurry if SEZs;
China's Cambodian port and airstrip stirs suspicions about PLA plans;
China's ''nine-dash line" claim "ridiculous": Malaysia FM;
Beijing's support for Micronesia may harm U.S. security links

China Reform Monitor No. 1400

January 3, 2020 Joshua Eisenman

161 U.S. House members call for trade agreement with Taiwan;
China's "great friendship" with Micronesia a strategic headache for the U.S.;
New code of conduct for journalists;
China responds harshly to soccer star's criticism of Uighur mistreatment;
Xinjiang program places Han men with Uighur women