China Reform Monitor 1359

February 7, 2019 Joshua Eisenman

Huawei tech removed from UK systems;
British officials worried over Huawei penetration;
Huawei snips a loose end;
China offered cover to disgraced Malay PM;
Fresh signs of economic weakness

China Reform Monitor 1358

January 22, 2019 Joshua Eisenman

New naval tensions in the South China Sea;
Militarizing the border with India;
In Hong Kong, criminalizing disrespect of China's anthem;
Xi's plan for Taipei...;
...gets a chilly reception on the island

China’s Uighur abuse augurs poorly for world

January 17, 2019 Lawrence J. Haas The Hill

Apparently not satisfied with persecuting the Muslim Uighur community in its own Xinjiang province by, among other things, throwing an estimated million or more of them in torturous “re-education camps,” Beijing is targeting Uighurs who live outside China. In fact, The Atlantic reported late last year that many Uighurs in the United States say Chinese authorities are contacting and threatening them.