China Reform Monitor No. 1543

March 29, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

U.S. will send Taiwan $619 million in arms amid PLA pressure;
China building scores of coal power plants;
China launches satellites to compete with Starlink;
Local debt rings alarms;
Younger Chinese struggle to find employment

China Reform Monitor No. 1542

March 13, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

State firms instructed to phase out "Big Four" auditors;
Beijing bans ChatGPT;
Canada stops funding research links with PLA-linked institutions;
China targets Starlink;
Missing Chinese banker was moving wealth to Singapore

China Reform Monitor No. 1541

March 6, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

CPC seeks to "enhance" ties with Taiwan's KMT;
Hong Kong starts its largest national security trial ever;
Australian defense department removes Chinese-made cameras;
China confirms another of its balloons is over Latin America;
China has "penetrated" un agencies by financing and stacking them

China Reform Monitor No. 1540

March 6, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

China "intentionally poisoning" Americans with fentanyl;
China expanding its espionage in Germany: Berlin;
China's elderly protest against health insurance reforms;
BBC produces ads for China's propaganda organs;
Chinese ship flashed Philippine vessel with military-grade laser