China Reform Monitor No. 1522

October 3, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

Biden: U.S. forces will defend Taiwan;
China recruits Los Alamos scientists to design missiles and drones;
Pleads for food, medical care grow as "Zero-Covid" persists;
Censors drown out posts about food and medicine shortages;
Hong Kong police arrest harmonica player at Queen's vigil

China Reform Monitor No. 1521

September 27, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

BMW's Chinese partner embezzled $1.2 billion;
Pope sought meeting with Xi, but was rebuffed;
India, France share China concerns;
Germany vows 'no more naivety' in its China policy;
Biden Executive Order blocks Chinese investment in U.S. tech

China Reform Monitor No. 1520

September 22, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

U.S. approves $1.1 billion weapons sale to Taiwan;
Beijing makes progress on the moon;
China collecting DNA samples in Tibet;
KPMG faces $830 million lawsuit for "appalling" Chinese audit;
Singapore replaces Hong Kong as top haven for Chinese elite

China Reform Monitor No. 1519

September 15, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

U.S. business confidence in China falls to record low;
U.S., China suspends each other's flights;
China's espionage alarms Europe;
UN: China committing "serious human rights violations" in Xinjiang;
Xi encourages foreigners to tell China's stories