China Reform Monitor No. 1463

May 12, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

China is fueling America's QAnon conspiracy theories;
China's pressure on Canada not to honor Taiwan's Tsai backfires;
Huawei had access to calls made by 6.5 million Dutch;
Tokyo: PLA "Highly Unlikely" behind scores of cyberattacks;
PLA hackers target Southeast Asian governments and militaries

China Reform Monitor No. 1462

May 11, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

China's Central Bank calls to scrap childbirth limits;
Hong Kong marks first National Security Education Day;
China curbs residency restrictions for migrants;
U.S. sanctions PLA supercomputer makers;
Egypt to produce 40-60 million doses of Chinese vaccine

Countering China’s Global Great Game

April 30, 2021 Michael Sobolik The National Interest

Washington’s instinctual response to compete with the Belt and Road Initiative dollar-for-dollar is a losing proposition that plays into China’s long game. But with an offensive framework, American policymakers could turn the tables and transform the BRI into an albatross for the Communist Party.