Information Warfare Watch No. 14

July 22, 2022 Ilan I. Berman, Dee McHardy

The informational costs of cooperating with China;
A media fight for Iranian dissidents;
Latvia pushes back;
Conspiracies in Syria foreshadow a crisis of truth in Ukraine;
London focuses on foreign influence online

How Not To Counter Disinformation

May 5, 2022 Ilan I. Berman Newsweek

At some point, Washington will indeed need to stand up a serious, transparent and bipartisan effort to counter the phenomenon of "fake news," but it is already clear that the Biden administration's new board isn't it.

Information Warfare Watch No. 12

March 8, 2022 Ilan I. Berman, Laura Vega

Russia's reshuffled disinformation deck...;
...and hard times for Moscow's main messaging outlet;
The rise of Ukrainian persuasion;
China's disinformation campaign in Lithuania;
Iranian disinfo target Israeli unity