AFPC Conference: “Xi in Command? Chinese Reforms and Regional Responses”

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues; International Economics and Trade; China
Related Expert: Jeff Smith, Joshua Eisenman

On April 18, AFPC Director for Asian Security Programs Jeff M. Smith and Senior Fellow for China Studies Dr. Joshua Eisenman hosted a public conference on Capitol Hill titled Xi in Command? Chinese Reforms and Regional Responses. Dr. Eisenman and Mr. Smith were joined on the panel by two experts from the RAND Corporation: Derek Grossman, Senior Project Associate, and Dr. Andrew Scobell, Senior Political Scientist. The four presentations focused on: the international implications of Xi Jinping’s domestic political reforms; regional responses to Xi’s more assertive foreign policy; the state of cross-strait relations with Taiwan; and the implications of Xi’s restructuring of the Chinese military.