CACI Releases Reports on Central Asian Governance, Reform

Related Categories: Democracy and Governance; Europe Military; Human Rights and Humanitarian Issues; International Economics and Trade; Islamic Extremism; Central Asia; Caucasus
Related Expert: Svante E. Cornell, S. Frederick Starr

AFPC’s Central Asia-Caucasus Institute (CACI) focused much of its recent energies on analysis of the ongoing reform process in Uzbekistan, Central Asia’s most populous country.

 In January, it released a Silk Road Paper by Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Richard Weitz on Uzbekistan’s new, proactive foreign policy, which was presented at a Jan. 22 event.

In March, CACI released two studies of Uzbekistan's domestic reform process. One, authored by International Foundation for Electoral Systems Senior Program Manager Anthony Bowyer, covered political reforms concerning elections, political parties and civil society. A second, authored by Mjuša Sever of the NGO Regional Dialogue, focused on judicial reform. Both were presented at a March 6 event in Washington.