Indo-Pacific Monitor

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of Developments in the Indo-Pacific

Indo-Pacific Monitor

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 11

September 11, 2020 Michael Sobolik

The limits of the Saudi-Pakistani partnership;
Thai protests challenge the military-monarchy nexus;
Indian takes the high ground at Pangong Lake;
Huawei contract left PNG data center defenseless

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 10

August 5, 2020 Michael Sobolik, Dominique Reichenbach

China bets on Iran for Belt and Road success in Middle East;
Five Eyes considers economic pact, expanding membership;
Malaysia echoes U.S. policy, rejects China's territorial claims;
Pakistan-China partnership faces insurgent opposition

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 9

June 29, 2020 Michael Sobolik


India re-enforces its Himalayan perch as China moves into Galwan;
China challenges the status quo in Pangong Lake;
Regional neighbors seize the moment;
Border dispute spills over into 5G networks, auto production