Indo-Pacific Monitor

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of Developments in the Indo-Pacific

Indo-Pacific Monitor

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 29

December 30, 2022 Michael Sobolik, Kyle Sajoyan

Japan breaks from pacifist legacy, doubles defense spending;
Washington, Manila repair ties... with an eye on Beijing;
Democracies converge on Indonesia to offset China's influence;
China doubles down on Cambodian investments;
China's inaugural "Indian Ocean Forum" sidelines India

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 28

December 9, 2022 Michael Sobolik, Kyle Sajoyan

Uncertainty clouds U.S. airpower in Asia;
Australia agrees to U.S. strategic bomber presence;
China trains Pakistani counterterrorism agents as attacks mount;
Rethinking China's Pacific Islands influence;
Tokyo plans SDF restructuring

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 27

October 4, 2022 Michael Sobolik, Kyle Sajoyan

China's influence on the ascent in the South Pacific;
Manila weighs future steps in the shadow of Taiwan;
Suffocating debt imperils Laos' political future;
Canberra, Port Moresby respond to Beijing's encroachment

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 26

August 9, 2022 Michael Sobolik, Diksha Dahal

Sri Lanka's debt drama;
Nepal balks at national guard partnership with U.S.;
Modi remains silent as ethno-religious violence in India continues;
Drama among Pacific island nations leads back to Beijing;
Cambodia continues China tilt, breaks ground on naval base

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 25

May 24, 2022 Michael Sobolik, Rehna Sheth

Singapore defies neighbors, sanctions Moscow....;
... while Japanese PM swings through SE Asia to bolster unity;
Beijing eyes the South Pacific;
AUKUS expands;
How Delhi is planning to decouple from Moscow