Indo-Pacific Monitor

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of Developments in the Indo-Pacific

Indo-Pacific Monitor

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 25

May 24, 2022 Michael Sobolik, Rehna Sheth

Singapore defies neighbors, sanctions Moscow....;
... while Japanese PM swings through SE Asia to bolster unity;
Beijing eyes the South Pacific;
AUKUS expands;
How Delhi is planning to decouple from Moscow

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 24

March 9, 2022 Michael Sobolik, Rehna Sheth

​Washington uses Huawei playbook to hit Russia;
India, UAE on verge of doubling trade;
On debts to China, Sri Lanka looks to India for help;
Nepal approves U.S. development assistance, despite China's warnings;
Jakarta looks beyond Russian arms to balance Beijing

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 23

January 21, 2022 Michael Sobolik, Rehna Sheth

Kazakh unrest bolsters Moscow's influence, raises questions for Beijing;
Biden's Asia Czar warns of "strategic surprise" in the Indo-Pacific;
Beijing pushes border claims with Bhutan…;
...while seeking to deescalate tensions with India;
India grapples with brain drain, inequality

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 22

December 6, 2021 Michael Sobolik, Andrew Hartnett

Washington, Seoul once again seek to officially end Korean War;
Israel and India announce 10-year defense cooperation plan;
Beijing lobbies for ASEAN to include Burma's junta...; 
...while backstopping the Tatmadaw;
India-Pakistan feud delays critical food aid to Afghanistan

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 21

October 19, 2021 Michael Sobolik, Andrew Hartnett

​With AUKUS, Canberra serves notice to Beijing;
As China increases air sorties, Taiwan signals Australia and America;
BRI frustration festers in Beijing's backyard;
Vietnam angles to offset China's influence over Laos and Cambodia;
North Korea shows growing signs of strains in public health, economy