Resource Security Watch

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of Changes to the Global Strategic Environment

Resource Security Watch

Resource Security Watch No. 26

April 15, 2020 Annie Swingen, Rebeccah Yim

Mozambique's gas reserves create conflict;
West Africa's fishing crisis;
Newly discovered microbe can break down plastic;
Marine numbers move to the poles;
Thinking about a hydrogen economy

Resource Security Watch No. 25

March 31, 2020 Annie Swingen, Rebeccah Yim

Rising water levels threaten hundreds of Myanmar villages;
Climate change to bring more landslides in the future;
Locusts decimate East African food supply;
European infrastructure not prepared for climate change;
Tropical forests to become carbon emitters

Resource Security Watch No. 24

February 12, 2020 Rebeccah Yim, Melinda Madden

A new day for nuclear power?;
Germany's long energy transition;
Rising sea levels put more of the world's population at risk;
A growing food security crisis in southern Africa;
The two sides of gene manipulation

Resource Security Watch No. 23

December 27, 2019 Rebecca Yim, Matt Maldonado

A strategic minerals solution down under;
Indonesia's quicksilver and easy gold;
Global fires stifle logistics;
Temperatures rise and fish stocks thin