Resource Security Watch

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of Changes to the Global Strategic Environment

Resource Security Watch

Resource Security Watch No. 23

December 27, 2019 Rebecca Yim, Matt Maldonado

A strategic minerals solution down under;
Indonesia's quicksilver and easy gold;
Global fires stifle logistics;
Temperatures rise and fish stocks thin


Resource Security Watch No. 22

December 11, 2019 Rebecca Yim

India's pollution crisis;
The Zambezi river turns deadly;
The Korean Peninsula’s piggy problem;
The "resource curse" comes to Guyana;
The dangers of Chinese dams

Resource Security Watch No. 21

August 13, 2019 Rebecca Yim

India's deepening water crisis;
A global migration dilemma;
Europe feels the heat;
Melting Himalayas imperil Afghanistan;
Venezuela's gasoline crisis