Policy Papers

AFPC Iran Strategy Brief no. 14: How Israel Thinks About Iran’s Future

October 4, 2023 Ilan I. Berman

For Israel, the Islamic Republic of Iran represents both a cardinal security challenge and an existential danger. The country’s current clerical regime is estimated to be connected to some “80 percent” of the contemporary security problems confronting the Jewish state.[1] These include not only Iran’s increasingly mature nuclear program, but also its extensive sponsorship of extremist proxies throughout the Mideast, as well as the radical expansionist ideology that continues to animate the regime in Tehran.

China’s Space Ambitions

April 25, 2023 Namrata Goswami American Foreign Policy Council

Assessing China’s space program is vital to understanding how investments in space add to a country’s comprehensive national power.

The Starship Singularity

February 22, 2023 Peter Garretson Space Policy Review

Starship, due to its reusability, size, and power, will dramatically improve access to low Earth orbit that will greatly support the expansion of public-and private-sector activity in space.

The Promise of Space-Based Solar Power

September 21, 2022 Peter Garretson, Cody Retherford Space Policy Review

Commercial-level Space-based solar power (SSP) satellites will reduce dependence on fossil fuels, dramatically shift global energy markets, build economic and geopolitical influence, and accelerate military and space power projection.