Africa Political Monitor No. 6

August 25, 2020 Jacob McCarty

After the wake of the UAE deal, closer Israeli ties with Sudan?;
Libyan rebels woo Rabat;
AFRICOM to be moved as part of US troop drawdown;
India's answer to the BRI involves Africa;
Russia expands continental military footprint

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 9

June 29, 2020 Michael Sobolik


India re-enforces its Himalayan perch as China moves into Galwan;
China challenges the status quo in Pangong Lake;
Regional neighbors seize the moment;
Border dispute spills over into 5G networks, auto production

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 3

December 17, 2019 Michael Sobolik

Pakistan protects its OBOR stake;
Beijing angles for foreign funds for its repression;
North Korean missiles put pressure on the U.S.;
South Korea shoots down U.S. basing upcharge;
America arms Thailand and Vietnam

Resource Security Watch No. 22

December 11, 2019 Rebecca Yim

India's pollution crisis;
The Zambezi river turns deadly;
The Korean Peninsula’s piggy problem;
The "resource curse" comes to Guyana;
The dangers of Chinese dams