Biden is losing Latin America

September 24, 2021 David Wilezol Washington Examiner

[T]here’s another, less-recognized setback happening for the United States far south of the Rio Grande or the Sonora Desert: crumbling relationships with Latin American countries.

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2488

September 24, 2021 Matt Maldonado, Ilan I. Berman, Kate Flaherty

Russian detained in Prague on Crimea-related charges;
New Dzerzhinsky monuments cause a stir;
Dissident investigation claims Lavrov mistress;
Communist party will not recognize e-votes;
Belarus included in the SCO's "Peace Mission 2021";
Russia found responsible for Litvinenko assassination

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2487

September 17, 2021 Ilan I. Berman, Matt Maldonado

Ahead of elections, Russian authorities stack the digital deck;
Crimean Tatars arrested on sabotage suspicion;
Russia, Belarus inch toward integration;
Nord Stream II comes of age;
NATO wary of Zapad-2021 military exercise