Defense Technology Monitor No. 99

May 16, 2024 Richard M. Harrison, Avery Borens

Classical computing keeps pace with quantum rivals;
A more bulletproof exoskeleton;
Marine life-inspired armor boosts protection;
Plasma stealth tech could render aircraft invisible;
Electronic warfare and transparent battlefields

Iran’s Unexpected Regional Revival

May 14, 2024 Ilan I. Berman Horizons

On April 13th, the "shadow war" that has raged between Israel and Iran for decades finally broke into the open. That day, Iran's clerical regime fired over 300 drones and missiles at Israeli territory in retaliation for Israel's targeting of a top Iranian military commander in Syria days earlier. The massive Iranian attack, and Israel's limited response days later, has ushered in an ominous new "balance of terror" in the Middle East.

Georgia As Geopolitical Hostage

May 13, 2024 Mamuka Tsereteli AFPC Insights

What might Moscow’s endgame be? The ultimate goal seems to be to recreate a Russia-dominated “Union” state that at least some, if not all, of the former Soviet republics will be forced to join.