China Reform Monitor No. 1495

February 15, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

Tens of thousands of Hongkongers relocating to Taiwan;
Putin offers Xi a new gas deal;
China encroaches along Nepal border;
Japan parliament resolution criticizes China;
Korea urged to explore ways to reduce China reliance

China Reform Monitor No. 1494

February 14, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

China's threat is "more brazen" than ever – FBI director;
Tech "decoupling" hurts China more than the U.S.;
House passes sweeping China competition bill;
U.S., UK, Australia, and Taiwan join EU-China WTO Challenge;
Pentagon approves $100 million in taiwan missile upgrades

China Reform Monitor No. 1493

February 7, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

Hong Kong to broaden its definition of spying;
American films get ending makeovers in China;
Scientist defects with details of China’s new hypersonics;
EU launches WTO case against China over Lithuania embargo;
Former top inspector gets suspended death sentence for corruption

China Reform Monitor No. 1492

February 2, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

​China hires American influencers to polish image during Olympics;
JIA: Blindly pursuing absolute security will make us less secure;
PRC targets Taiwan with massive disinformation campaign;
HK chief exec. appoints national security judges, ends trial by jury;
Credits on Chinese TV will label foreign actors

China Reform Monitor No. 1491

January 24, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

PRC population growth rate continues to plummet;
Xi Jinping calls for more regulation on digital economy;
China launches yet another center on Xi Jinping thought;
By 2025, China will expand high-speed railway by more than 30%;
Taliban requests China's official recognition