China Reform Monitor No. 1480

October 22, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

Mental health survey: Many cases of depression, lack of treatment;
News leaks of U.S. secretly training Taiwan forces...; Beijing warns Washington;
Microsoft to shut down LinkedIn app in China;
Apple Store crackdown hits holy books and Amazon's Audible

China Reform Monitor No. 1479

October 5, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

PLA suffers from shortage of recruits and "low troop morale";
Lithuania urges Europeans to toss Chinese phones;
Huawei Chairman: U.S. sanctions to blame for $30-$40B in revenue loss;
China makes all cryptocurrency transactions illegal;
Facing crisis, Beijing orders energy firms to secure supplies

China Reform Monitor No. 1478

September 14, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

China's crackdown on culture continues;
Local governments accused of "fabricating economic data";
Prenatal test under international scrutiny for military links;
Tiananmen vigil organizers in Hong Kong charged;
China using Honduras election to "create controversy"; Taipei

China Reform Monitor No. 1477

September 10, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

Pope defends deal with China;
China shuts American Chamber of Commerce in Chengdu;
Beijing to establish a stock exchange for small business: XI;
Micronesia rejects Chinese funding for Pacific undersea cable;
Crackdown on showbiz for 'polluting' society

China Reform Monitor No. 1476

August 31, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

China's Sinovac to invest $60 million in vaccine facility in Chile;
Xi wants wealth redistribution;
Amid demographic crisis, China allows couples to have third child;
China schools introduce 'Xi Jinping Thought' into curriculum;
Congo reviews "infrastructure-for-minerals" deal with China