The Starship Singularity

February 22, 2023 Peter Garretson Space Policy Review

Starship, due to its reusability, size, and power, will dramatically improve access to low Earth orbit that will greatly support the expansion of public-and private-sector activity in space.

The Modern Battlefield, Revisited

October 25, 2022 Dee McHardy, Margaux Miller, Peter Garretson Issue 34

Assessing the Non-Kinetic Battlespace

Space as a Factor in Future Conflicts

Biotechnology and Today’s Warfighter

The Future of Wargaming

The Future of Defense Learning and Development

The Promise of Space-Based Solar Power

September 21, 2022 Peter Garretson, Cody Retherford Space Policy Review

Commercial-level Space-based solar power (SSP) satellites will reduce dependence on fossil fuels, dramatically shift global energy markets, build economic and geopolitical influence, and accelerate military and space power projection.

Establish Space National Guard now

June 7, 2022 Peter Garretson The Hill

Establishing the Space National Guard is the smart thing to do. To secure the nation’s advantage, it is essential that both the House and Senate include the Space National Guard language in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act.