Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 6

March 19, 2020 Michael Sobolik

China seeks to reshape the narrative around COVID-19;
Coronavirus and Chinese leverage in Asia;
Taiwan's KMT to reassess its China policy;
Indonesian purchase of Russian fighter jets in doubt;
Blue dot network funds 5G in Southeast Asia

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 5

February 20, 2020 Michael Sobolik

Coronavirus nudges Japan toward recession;
U.S.-Philippines relationship on the rocks;
Australian officials cancel UK trip over Huawei;
Singapore targets political opposition, media with "fake news" law;
Quarantined Chinese workers delay Belt and Road projects

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 4

January 17, 2020 Michael Sobolik

China disrupts Mekong flow to force concessions;
Mongolia reaps the benefits the Xinjiang instability;
Cambodia's child labor problem;
Beijing's Hong Kong crackdown boomerangs in Taiwan;
North Korea's Kim threatens renewed missile tests