Egypt’s Biggest Worry Is Its Population

October 27, 2021 Ilan I. Berman Al-Hurra Digital

Today, the Egyptian state faces no shortage of strategic threats, ranging from instability emanating from the ongoing crisis next door in Libya to an escalating conflict with nearby Ethiopia over access to the Nile. Yet its biggest long-term challenge is a distinctly domestic one: the quickening pace of its own population.

Is a sanctions rethink in the works?

October 21, 2021 Lawrence J. Haas The Hill

The Biden administration’s announcement that it will limit economic sanctions as a tool of foreign policy could prove significant, since it follows two decades in which policymakers of both parties dramatically increased the use of sanctions against governments, individuals, and entities that they considered bad actors.

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 21

October 19, 2021 Michael Sobolik, Andrew Hartnett

​With AUKUS, Canberra serves notice to Beijing;
As China increases air sorties, Taiwan signals Australia and America;
BRI frustration festers in Beijing's backyard;
Vietnam angles to offset China's influence over Laos and Cambodia;
North Korea shows growing signs of strains in public health, economy

Africa Political Monitor No. 16

October 12, 2021 Ashton McGee, Jacob McCarty

Industry report: China-DRC mining deal "unconscionable";
Ethiopia's national airline implicated in weapons shipments...; Ahmed closes Ethiopian embassy in Dublin;
Egypt eyes Africa's tech market;
Algeria's circle of friends gets smaller