China Reform Monitor

The American Foreign Policy Council's Review of P.R.C. Government Actions and U.S. Policy

China Reform Monitor

China Reform Monitor No. 1456

March 5, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

Schools must "cultivate masculinity" - Ministry of Education;
China uses crackdown on pirates to enhance censorship;
Pakistan military airlifts China's first COVID-19 vaccines;
China cracks down on fake COVID-19 vaccines;
Chinese and Indian troops pull-back from disputed border

China Reform Monitor No. 1455

March 2, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

New law expands powers of China's Coast Guard;
White House challenges China, WHO on COVID;
More international outcry over China's Xinjiang abuses;
Chinese COVID-19 vaccines arriving in Africa
Former Finance Minister warns of fiscal risks

China Reform Monitor No. 1454

February 17, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

China's new anti-monopoly rules target tech giants;
New Pentagon task force to review China policy;
New rules for artists;
UK blocks CGTN, China blocks BBC;
'Deep concern' about WHO probe --NSA Sullivan

China Reform Monitor No. 1453

February 9, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

Thousands flee Hong Kong for Britain amid crackdown;
China to stop recognizing British national overseas passports;
HK education bureau releases new school national security guidelines;
China cuts trade with Nepal by 95%;
China blocks UN condemnation of Myanmar coup

China Reform Monitor No. 1452

February 3, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

CPEC loan strains China-Pakistan relations;
U.S. says China's repression of Uighurs is "genocide";
China sanctions 27 former U.S. officials;
Twitter locks China's embassy account for "dehumanizing" Uighurs;
With COVID cases mounting, China to test all Lunar New Year travelers