China Reform Monitor No. 1385

September 18, 2019 Joshua Eisenman

Xi officially named "The People's Leader";
Shenzhen to be turned into a "socialist demonstration area";
Beijing to Hong Kong: You are not "irreplaceable";
Taiwan pledges help for Hong Kong activists seeking sanctuary;
Taiwan is fighting China's travel ban

Russia Reform Monitor No. 2336

September 17, 2019 Margot van Loon

Apathy in the face of Moscow's protests;
Tit-for-tat in post-INF world;
A bleak future for Russian orphans;
No Russian visas for Kremlin critics;
Yet another extraterritorial killing?;
New theory in Russian radiation release controversy

First glimpses of Tokayev’s Kazakhstan: The listening state?

September 17, 2019 S. Frederick Starr Atlantic Council

- President Tokayev seeks to "maintain continuity" yet nonetheless calls for "systemic reforms." He appears to mean both.

- In the effort to engage society more deeply in governance, Kazakhstan will institute and seek to manage reforms from above.

- In continuing the principle of balance in its foreign policy, which Tokayev invented two decades ago, Kazakhstan will seek increased engagement and investment from the West.

China Reform Monitor No. 1384

September 17, 2019 Joshua Eisenman

Cameroon ends road project, alleging Chinese incompetence;
Russia threatens wood export ban to China;
PLA expands ties with North Korean military...;
...and Pakistan's armed forces;
Shandong U apologies for controversial "buddy program"