Russia Reform Monitor No. 2454

April 9, 2021 Matt Maldonado, Arianna G. Guerrero , Ilan I. Berman

Russian military buildup spurring Ukrainian fears;
Nine doctors detained as Navalny health concerns soar;
EU regulator to investigate Sputnik trials;
Russia, Pakistan tighten military ties;
White House: Rejoining open skies will send "wrong message";
Zoom blocks government access, Kremlin threatens ban

China Reform Monitor No. 1960

April 9, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

"China's schoolkids buckle under pressure" - CAIXIN;
BBC China correspondent moves to Taiwan after threats;
UK urges G7: "It's time to get tough with China";
Hong Kong does not warrant special status, says Blinken;
A sitting U.S. ambassador visits Taiwan for the first time since 1979

Russia Reform Monitor No.2453

April 7, 2021 Matt Maldonado, Ilan I. Berman, Arianna G. Guerrero

All smart electronics now required to run Russian apps;
Putin signs law that allows him to rule until 2036;
Russia extends space deal with U.S. until 2030;
A Russian buildup in the Arctic;
Kremlin takes aim at Twitter;
Navalny moved to sick ward amid suspected TB outbreak