How Trump’s Constant Attacks on China over Coronavirus Won’t Help

May 15, 2020 Devin T. Stewart , Joshua Eisenman The National Interest

Rather than sing the same sad song about the source of the coronavirus, the United States needs to lead a choir of nations in a hymn about how this pandemic, like SARS before it, was made possible by the lack of transparency intrinsic to China’s national socialist political system. It is only through collaboration among democracies can the United States seize the day and create what the world desperately needs: a muscular coalition of like-minded nations that will prevail in this crisis, as well as secure the future of free markets and liberal values in its aftermath.

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 7

April 24, 2020 Michael Sobolik

Tokyo seeks to pull production from China...;
...while latent investment projects imperil China's geopolitical gambit;
Beijing's "Health Silk Road" takes shape;
China establishes administrative districts in contested island chains;
A confirmation of coronavirus in the Hermit Kingdom