South Asia Strategy Monitor No. 11

November 14, 2023 Rehna Sheth, Carlos Ruiz

Accusations roil India-Canada ties; 
New Maldivian President vows a cold shoulder for India; 
China's diplomacy a sign of growing interest in Afghanistan...;
...As Kabul comes aboard the Belt and Road; 
Alarm over Pakistan's plan to expel illegal Afghan migrants; 
The diplomatic costs of Chinese loans

China Policy Monitor No. 1573

November 13, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

Chinese firms diversifying out of China: HSBC CEO; 
Britain and Taiwan expand ties, China not happy; 
Estonia approves Taipei office, PRC envoy threatens to leave; 
China's largest chipmaker sees 80% drop in third-quarter profits; 
The Philippines accuses China of "unprovoked coercion 

China Policy Monitor No. 1572

November 6, 2023 Joshua Eisenman

Xi: Chinese women must start "new trend of family";
Rich Chinese move themselves, assets out of the PRC; 
More Chinese are braving Panama's jungle to reach the U.S.; 
Popular social media users must reveal their identities; 
PLA General: China will "crush foreign interference," "severely punish" Taiwan secessionists