Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 2

November 19, 2019 Michael Sobolik

Singapore's contingency plans for possible Hong Kong-style protests;
ISIS recruiters prey on vulnerable expats in Southeast Asia;
Washington's latest proposal: Grade the "Belt and Road";
Kim Jong-Un gains the upper hand in negotiations with Washington;
Taiwan sounds the invasion alarm

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 1

October 21, 2019 Michael Sobolik

Thai army chief wary of Hong Kong-type unrest;
India receives a warning about Huawei;
China eyes additional naval base in Cambodia;
The trade consequences of Kashmir;
Sino-Russian balancing, and Mongolia

The future of combat is urban

October 9, 2019 Jacob McCarty Jane's Defence Weekly

The US armed forces are waking up to the fact that cities are likely to be the main environment for tomorrow’s battles and that they have some catching up to do with their rivals, as Jacob McCarty reports.