Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 21

October 19, 2021 Michael Sobolik, Andrew Hartnett

​With AUKUS, Canberra serves notice to Beijing;
As China increases air sorties, Taiwan signals Australia and America;
BRI frustration festers in Beijing's backyard;
Vietnam angles to offset China's influence over Laos and Cambodia;
North Korea shows growing signs of strains in public health, economy

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 20

September 3, 2021 Michael Sobolik

Abraham Accords offer New Delhi a new opening...;
...while the Taliban's ascent complicates India's calculus;
Changing South Korean attitudes about China, Japan;
Taipei warns Beijing can "paralyze" its defenses;
Thailand's unrest continues

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 19

August 5, 2021 Michael Sobolik, Jordan Ferree

Iran's Chabahar Port takes center stage;
Duterte drops opposition to VFA;
Burmese junta extends state of emergency;
Indian states in border staredown;
Final attempt to save BRI project in Malaysia falters

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 18

July 12, 2021 Michael Sobolik

The problem with Chinese vaccines;
Sino-Indian border standoff continues;
Burma's junta puts Aung San Suu Kyi on trial;
North Korea faces food crisis...again;
Tokyo, Manila hold first joint air force exercises 

Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 17

June 4, 2021 Michael Sobolik

ASEAN struggles with response to Burma coup;
Indonesia's new "tank boat";
Tokyo plans to shatter defense spending ceiling;
China's infrastructure outreach to the Pacific Islands;
Manila rejects Beijing's unilateral fishing moratorium