How Not To Counter Disinformation

May 5, 2022 Ilan I. Berman Newsweek

At some point, Washington will indeed need to stand up a serious, transparent and bipartisan effort to counter the phenomenon of "fake news," but it is already clear that the Biden administration's new board isn't it.

China Reform Monitor No. 1504

May 4, 2022 Joshua Eisenman

Guangxi distributes Xi's "Little Red Books";
Muslim countries help China hunt down Uighurs around the world;
China allows some Asian students to return;
India suspends tourist visas for PRC nationals;
Baloch rebels claim murders of Confucius Institute leaders, teachers

Africa Political Monitor No. 18

April 26, 2022 Jordan Hayley

France rethinks its African footprint;
Mediation in Sudan is key to Egypt's security...; Khartoum leans towards Moscow;
Congo moves to regain control over Chinese-run mine;
China's digital silk road comes to Kenya