Indo-Pacific Monitor No. 20

September 3, 2021 Michael Sobolik

Abraham Accords offer New Delhi a new opening...;
...while the Taliban's ascent complicates India's calculus;
Changing South Korean attitudes about China, Japan;
Taipei warns Beijing can "paralyze" its defenses;
Thailand's unrest continues

Information Warfare Watch No. 7

September 1, 2021 Ilan I. Berman

How social media helped the Taliban win;
Afghanistan: A problem for platforms;
Kyiv works to limit Moscow's messaging;
Due to disinfo, Latvia lags on health;
Cracking down on anti-vaccine disinformation

China Reform Monitor No. 1476

August 31, 2021 Joshua Eisenman

China's Sinovac to invest $60 million in vaccine facility in Chile;
Xi wants wealth redistribution;
Amid demographic crisis, China allows couples to have third child;
China schools introduce 'Xi Jinping Thought' into curriculum;
Congo reviews "infrastructure-for-minerals" deal with China